♥ Naked 2 Palette Review ♥

Ever since Urban Decay released the Naked 2 palette, I've seen so many people talk about wanting it so badly! I'm super fortunate to have received this for Christmas in 2011 from my mother, as I was not about to go to Sephora and spend $50 on a product I wasn't sure I'd be completely in love with!

Unlike the first version of this palette (Naked), this palette comes in a hard tin case! I really love the packaging. It's simple, and straight to the point. I feel as if my shadows are safe in this palette, versus being in others which shatter! (I have dropped this so many times, and not one color has broken! I thank the packaging.)

Having had this palette for over two years, I have lost the lipgloss it comes with at college. Silly me! The brush that comes with this palette is not displayed, as I am washing all of my brushes currently. This is what it looks like!

(photo courtesy of www.beautezine.com)

The brush that comes with the palette is actually quite nice! It's extremely soft and luckily the brush is cruelty free! It is one of the softest synthetic brushes I have ever used! I wish Urban Decay would sell this brush separately from Naked 2, because it is such a great brush. The flat end of the brush is used to pack on your lid shadow, while the other end is used to blend your crease.

This palette costs $50, and although I thought it was a lot, when I found out that they are the same size as MAC eyeshadows (.05 oz) , I knew it was worth the money!

 MAC eyeshadows are $15 each. 12 MAC eyeshadows would cost $180, not including a brush!

Don't mind Mr. Presley and his reflection in the mirror! Anyways, this palette features 12 gorgeous, high pigmented shadows. Although they are all natural, neutral colors, you can create a multitude of different looks. These shadows range from matte, to sparkly. You can create a dark, black smokey eye, or a light natural smokey eye! Having 12 shadows, there are so many options. The shadows in this palette have some creative names that made me giggle the first time I opened this!

Foxy. Half-Baked. Bootycall.

Chopper. Tease. Snakebite.

Suspect. Pistol. Verve.

YDK. Busted. Blackout.

As you all can see, these shadows are extremely pigmented! They are all velvety soft, and don't feel harsh on your lids! If you can see from the first three swatches, these shadows are so easy to work with, its super easy to pick up too much color! I have had this palette for over a year, and less than 1/3 of each shadow has been used. Mind you, I use this palette every single day! The quality of these shadows are just as good as MAC shadows, and last just as long on your lids!

Needless to say, I am so thankful my mom picked this up for me! It is my absolute favorite palette. The color pay off is perfect, the shadow colors themselves are flawless, and they go a long way. If you have debating on buying this palette, I'd suggest you go get it! Who knows how long Urban Decay will produce this palette for. I hope forever, though! It is true perfection in makeup form and I love it.



  1. I just ordered the Naked Basics palette.. I hope it is as wonderful as this one hahaha

    1. Its just as good babe! I just liked the colors in this one best. UD's shadows are always great!