♥ Missha Super Aqua Snail Hydro Mask ♥

In February's Glossybox, I received a face mask that I was not looking forward to trying. Generally when I get a product I want to try them out instantly or at least open them up and check them out. The idea of the product totally grossed me out. It contains snail slime. Yes, that little critter that leaves a trail of goo behind itself. The mask was made of that gooey slime trail.  Needless to say, this is why I put off trying the mask for a whole month.

I got desperate for skin hydration a few days ago. I have combination skin but around my mouth gets dry in the winter time, and after reading that snail slime was good for hydration, I knew I had to try it out. Although the idea freaked me out, I finally decided it was time to use it and review it.

Missha describes why they use snail slime on their website;

"Hydro gel mask contains Snail Slime extract to moisturize, soothe, and regenerate skin with a vitalizing benefit. Snail slime contains natural healing and regenerative power when applied to skin. This led Missha to develop a highly moisturizing and nutritive line of skincare to cater to the needs of customers who want to recover from skin damage, while also strengthening the skin barrier in a natural way. Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Series contain extracts from Snail Slime of healthy snails born within 5-6 months."

Sounded promising to me!

I was hoping this mask was super quick, but Missha recommends to leave it on your face 20-40 minutes. I left it on for 40 because my skin needs the most hydration in can absorb!


The mask goes on the top and bottom of your face in two separate pieces so you can adjust it to your face. It comes with film on both sides that you peel off before you put it on your face. I'm really silly and put it on my face with film on one side of both pieces because I didn't know that it was on each side. Ooooops!

This is the mask above my eyelid. I really need to do my eyebrows after seeing this photo haha!

♥ Conclusion ♥
I really did not like this mask. Not only did it not moisturize my face, it felt disgusting and fell off more than once! Maybe its something you need to do a few times to have it work, but I didn't see a change other than my skin feeling smoother for a short period of time after. I used it before bed and woke up with dry and flakey skin again. What a bummer! I really wanted to fall in love with this mask but I unfortunately will not be purchasing this mask and I do not recommend it.