♥ CocoPPa Help ♥

I'm realizing a lot of you are having a tough time with this app, and are very confused by it. I've put together the following tips to help you have a super kawaii phone and to better understand the app.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What Does CocoPPa do?
CocoPPa is an app that allows you to use different icons for apps you have on your phone. It is essentially bookmarking an existent app just to have a different icon.

Do I have To Keep The Original App?
YES. If you delete the original app, the entire app is gone. CocoPPa is only to make a bookmark. It is not a new app. Please do not delete it.

How Come I Can't Get Certain Short Cuts?
Apple either has no scheme (bookmark) for certain apps, does not allow it, or hasn't released it. A lot of the apps already on your phone wil not be able to have a cute icon, I'm sorry.

Can I Go Back To The Original App?
Yes. Again, these are not new apps, and your phone is not hacked. Just hold down the icon and delete it as you would any app.

A lot of you are really confused on how to custom add things that do not come up in the app search. Here's how! 

One you click this, this will show up

You will be asked to insert a url. This url is to redirect the shortcut/bookmark to your app. It is not  always an actual URL.

These are the native urls for the iphone apps that allow you to use shortcuts/bookmarks. Copy everything after the ♥

Safari ♥ http://www.google.com
Maps ♥ maps:
SMS ♥ sms:
Mail ♥ mailto:
Music ♥ music:
iTunes ♥ http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?i=156093464&id=156093462&s=143441
App Store ♥ http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=294409923&mt=8

I do have a phone app on my screen but it does not work. It is only there for show.


♥ How To Get A Kawaii Phone ♥

I've jail broken and hacked my phone enough times to tell you all its a pain in the butt, and it will screw up your phone. I've done it so much that the thought of it makes me go crazy (。・ˇ_ˇ・。​)

Thankfully, I discovered this nifty little app called CocoPPa.

CocoPPa is an app which simply ads a shortcut to your apps on your home screen. It does NOT replace your apps. If you delete the app, the shortcut will not work. 

This is my current home screen:

It doesn't make it as short as it! I just cropped it (♡˙︶˙♡)Page two has all of my apps on it, in folders, so you can't see it on the home screen! Instead you just see the cute little shortcuts.

So, how to use this app! It is really simple, but it can get very difficult.

Each app you download, or have on your phone, has a scheme code. I can't explain what a scheme code is because I really have no idea! I just know its used for short cuts.

Lets get started!

Lets say you want to replace Instagram or any other app you have downloaded, CocoPPA allows you to search for apps to replace! I will show how to do this below:

If your app does not come up, don't freak out! You can go to this website and search for it! If your app does not come up on that website, there is not a scheme for it yet! Not all apps can get super duper kawaii. When you go to the website, and your app DOES come up, copy the native application url. I will show you how to use this below.

These next steps are the same if your app did or did not come up.

Okay, now for apps that have come with your phone!

You want to follow all of the same steps (of course scroll to the bottom of the app to search for different icons) for apps that have come with your phone.

Apps on your phone will not show in the app search, so you must go to http://handleopenurl.com/ and search for the scheme code.

PLEASE NOTE A LOT OF IPHONE APPS DO NOT HAVE WORKING SCHEMES. My phone button on my home screen does NOT work, I just added it to look cute. Also, these are simply shortcuts


If you have any further questions
please comment on this post!


♥ Naked 2 Palette Review ♥

Ever since Urban Decay released the Naked 2 palette, I've seen so many people talk about wanting it so badly! I'm super fortunate to have received this for Christmas in 2011 from my mother, as I was not about to go to Sephora and spend $50 on a product I wasn't sure I'd be completely in love with!

Unlike the first version of this palette (Naked), this palette comes in a hard tin case! I really love the packaging. It's simple, and straight to the point. I feel as if my shadows are safe in this palette, versus being in others which shatter! (I have dropped this so many times, and not one color has broken! I thank the packaging.)

Having had this palette for over two years, I have lost the lipgloss it comes with at college. Silly me! The brush that comes with this palette is not displayed, as I am washing all of my brushes currently. This is what it looks like!

(photo courtesy of www.beautezine.com)

The brush that comes with the palette is actually quite nice! It's extremely soft and luckily the brush is cruelty free! It is one of the softest synthetic brushes I have ever used! I wish Urban Decay would sell this brush separately from Naked 2, because it is such a great brush. The flat end of the brush is used to pack on your lid shadow, while the other end is used to blend your crease.

This palette costs $50, and although I thought it was a lot, when I found out that they are the same size as MAC eyeshadows (.05 oz) , I knew it was worth the money!

 MAC eyeshadows are $15 each. 12 MAC eyeshadows would cost $180, not including a brush!

Don't mind Mr. Presley and his reflection in the mirror! Anyways, this palette features 12 gorgeous, high pigmented shadows. Although they are all natural, neutral colors, you can create a multitude of different looks. These shadows range from matte, to sparkly. You can create a dark, black smokey eye, or a light natural smokey eye! Having 12 shadows, there are so many options. The shadows in this palette have some creative names that made me giggle the first time I opened this!

Foxy. Half-Baked. Bootycall.

Chopper. Tease. Snakebite.

Suspect. Pistol. Verve.

YDK. Busted. Blackout.

As you all can see, these shadows are extremely pigmented! They are all velvety soft, and don't feel harsh on your lids! If you can see from the first three swatches, these shadows are so easy to work with, its super easy to pick up too much color! I have had this palette for over a year, and less than 1/3 of each shadow has been used. Mind you, I use this palette every single day! The quality of these shadows are just as good as MAC shadows, and last just as long on your lids!

Needless to say, I am so thankful my mom picked this up for me! It is my absolute favorite palette. The color pay off is perfect, the shadow colors themselves are flawless, and they go a long way. If you have debating on buying this palette, I'd suggest you go get it! Who knows how long Urban Decay will produce this palette for. I hope forever, though! It is true perfection in makeup form and I love it.



♥ Lush Cosmetics Review: Ocean Salt ♥

Another Lush review?! I'm so glad you all love Lush, because I'll be reviewing their products weekly! Today, I'm reviewing my favorite face scrub, Ocean Salt. This lime and coconut scented mask helps scrub away impurities by including sea salt, while brightening your skin with avocado butter!

Lush describes the face scrub as the following:
"Washing with Ocean Salt is like taking your face on a trip to the seaside for an invigorating splash in the water. We mix in fresh avocado and coconut to hydrate thirsty skin, while the antibacterial effects of lime and vodka is ideal for blocked pores, blackheads or blemishes. The minerals in sea salt soften as it scrubs away dirt and blockages."

This product is a lovely blue and white color, which reminds me of waves hitting the shore. The key ingredients in this product are held together with stearic acid, which may be harsh on some skin! Make sure to test this on your hand before purchasing. 

Take a generous amount, apply to skin (I only use this on my face), and scrub! Make sure to scrub everywhere.

  1. Fresh Lime extract helps to lighten and even your skin tone!
  2. Fresh Grapefruit infusion is cooling and helps tighten your pores!
  3. Fresh Avocado butter is moisturizing for dry and cracked skin.
  4. Seaweed Absolute is used for anti-inflammation.
  5. Violet Leaf Absolute is used as an antibacterial ingredient to keep skin clear.
I really recommend this product to anyone looking for a new face scrub! It has so many benefits and I have found that it makes my skin immediately brighter. This is, unfortunately, one of their priciest products. Make sure you try it before you buy it! I love this product and the reason my skin is so clear is because of years of using this!