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This is my second Glossybox review and I was honestly completely surprised to receive this box! As I walked to front door, I saw the super cute Glossybox packaging and I immediately knew that the lovely folks from Glossybox gifted me another free box to review! How kind of them! I feel so fortunate to have received another box (★´ω`★)! If you haven't heard of Glossybox before, click here to read my  first review and to learn more about this amazing subscription service! Please note that all of my opinions below are my own, and they are not influenced in any way by the company or anybody else. 

Let us get started, shall we?!

This months Glossybox was called "International Style" and it came with 5 products to help you get through a month full of fashion! If you didn't know, February is packed with fashion shows all around the world, from NYC, to Milan, to Paris, and most big cities hold their own fashion shows. I'm not too into clothing, but I can definitely appreciate makeup trends and beauty trends which are definitely a huge part of fashion! This months box came in Glossybox's standard pink box with their dark brown-black logo! Some months don't come in this box, some do! You never really know. Regardless, their packaging is cute as usual!

The first thing I noticed in this box is their style magazine! This is their biggest issue ever, and with 46 pages it is full of super helpful beauty and fashion tips. This month, being their international box, they included a bunch of information about other countries! I love this, and I really think it makes this months mag.

Flipping past the index, you will find all of the countries above have two pages featuring their currency  capital, currency, calling codes, and "3 Top (something inserted here)." I'm looking forward to learning about all of the countries above once I finish this review (and some of The Walking Dead...ah!)

Each month, Glossybox sends you a card letting you know what this months box is, and on the flip side it tells you in detail what each product is/what it is for! 

These are the products I received this month! Yay ♥

 Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask
Full Size: $6/.98 oz
Luxury Travel Size: $6/.98 oz

(Just letting you all know, I am so disturbed at the thought of putting snail slime extract on my face but I'm going to try it and review it! Maybe I'll like it. Maaaybe...)

Da Vinci Cosmetics Shimmer Powder
Full Size: $15/.06 oz
Luxury Travel Size: $15/.06 oz

BVLGARI Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc Soap
Full Size: $30/5.3 oz
Luxury Sample Size: $9.96/1.76 oz

(This smells like absolute heaven and I think if they've got a perfume in this scent I MUST get it! It reminds me of a hotel on a Caribbean island mixed with a light hint of men's cologne.)

Lisi Sheer Sparkle or Color Glaze Lip Gloss
Full Size $7/.31 oz
Luxury Travel Size: $7/.31 oz

 Nail Rock Nail Wraps
Full Size: $8/Full Set
Luxury Travel Size: $8/Full Set

This month, all but one of my products were full size! I'm pretty happy with what I received in this Glossybox. As I said, the idea of using snail slime on my face totally gives me weird and mixed feelings but I'm going to try it! As for everything else I received, I'm quite pleased! I'm happy that they put a BVLGARI soap in here! I will now be on a hunt for the soap in perfume form. This month, for $21 you receive $45.96 in product value! Glossybox always doubles what you spend when it comes to products value. Overall, I am absolutely in love with Glossybox and it is still my favorite monthly subscription service. If you sign up right now, you get a free eyeliner in your box! Click on the cute little banner below to get started. Let me know if you have Glossybox, or if you are interested in signing up but are unsure if you should! Thank you for reading lovebugs!

  GLOSSYBOX - Discover NOW!

(How cute is this llama by the way?!)

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